A Big Cheer For The WELL Woodstock Team!!

woodstock.77: A Big Cheer For The WELL Woodstock Team!!

woodstock.77.0: editorial comment (green)  Sun 14 Aug 94 18:55


woodstock.77.1: editorial comment (green)  Sun 14 Aug 94 18:56

 and thanks!!

woodstock.77.2: We must be in HEAVEN, man! (tnf)  Sun 14 Aug 94 21:26

 You guys did an AMAZING job!  The best thing I've read here this evening
 (catching up after being away from the WELL all day) was from someone who
 appreciated the fact that the WELL was FREE whereas all the other hi-tech
 stuff cost money.

woodstock.77.3: Tom Mandel (mandel)  Sun 14 Aug 94 21:29

 Not bad at all...the number of postings here is in the same
 general ballpark at AOL's Woodstock message boards.  That's
 a credit to the WELL since AOL is about two orders of magnitude

woodstock.77.4: paul theodoropoulos (diogenes)  Sun 14 Aug 94 21:39

 it's cause the hash is better here.

woodstock.77.5: Tom Mandel (mandel)  Sun 14 Aug 94 21:40

 And you're allowed to talk about it here!

woodstock.77.6: David Dalto (dd)  Sun 14 Aug 94 21:46

 Great job.  And it sounds like they had fun doing it.

woodstock.77.7: Puddnhead Wilson (warfrat)  Sun 14 Aug 94 21:57

 Thanks to all of you at woodstock who made the WELL tent such a success. 
 Without it I would not have been able to "see" what was going on! You 
 guys were great!! I can't thank you enough!! We await your return and 
 look forward to having you all back safe, sound and mudless back here in 
 the bay area!!!

woodstock.77.8: Michael Newman (jstraw)  Sun 14 Aug 94 22:04


woodstock.77.9: Michael Newman (jstraw)  Sun 14 Aug 94 22:05

 This was a much cooler deal than the concert, at least from this vantage

woodstock.77.10: Sleep in the Stars (btwind)  Sun 14 Aug 94 22:13

  Yes, this was really special and entertaining!!
  Thanks to all who took part here. Cherry and Jordan: you both get a beer
  on me next time we hang out!

woodstock.77.11: gimme an "F"! (reva)  Sun 14 Aug 94 22:59

 You Did Good, in more ways than one!

woodstock.77.12: Mad Hatter (airman)  Sun 14 Aug 94 23:15

 Hear, hear. Encore, encore!

woodstock.77.13: Ed Niehaus (niehaus)  Sun 14 Aug 94 23:29

 Congrats, glad it went well.

woodstock.77.14: Has Hendrix Played Yet? (mglito)  Mon 15 Aug 94 00:53

 A beer for Jordan the next time he sets foot in Boulder, on me!  (And we'll
 let deveritt buy the second round :-)

woodstock.77.15: perfection is the scourge of psychological health (paris)  Mon 15 Aug 94 07:28

 hey!!  incredible trip this was!  and, middle-aged babe that i am, i got
 to experience it all from my little air-conditioned home office with
 *great* country music blasting out of my stereo the whole time!!
 y'all did a wonderful job... thanks  (and thanks to  and  too!!)

woodstock.77.16: well's cargo (dlee)  Mon 15 Aug 94 09:42

 Way to go, guys!   Excellent job!

woodstock.77.17: You flew to me (jmsommer)  Mon 15 Aug 94 12:35

 Great Job Wellfolk!

woodstock.77.18: paul theodoropoulos (diogenes)  Mon 15 Aug 94 12:53

 will there be a commemorative video of the Well tent?

woodstock.77.19: Paul Belserene (paulbel)  Mon 15 Aug 94 13:26

 Thanks for an incredible effort. The sound, from my vantage point, was
 perfect. And the mud good enough to rub up major league baseballs, if any
 needed to be rubbed up.

woodstock.77.20: Brian Battuello (bb)  Mon 15 Aug 94 13:40

 Incredible.  You shoulda seen the work M and everyone else put into making
 this happen last week.  She was totally wiped out when they *left*.  I
 hope they all sleep til the WOP.  ^bb^

woodstock.77.21: Alan Turner (arturner)  Mon 15 Aug 94 15:23

 They came to do good, and did well!

woodstock.77.22: Ruler of the (cosmos)  Mon 15 Aug 94 15:38

 I think you guys are the BEST!  For us non-attenders this was the next best
 thing to being there!

woodstock.77.23:    (ernie)  Mon 15 Aug 94 16:19

 Better!  Think of the cleaning bills we saved!

woodstock.77.24: gimme an E! (kwinb)  Mon 15 Aug 94 16:37

 hip hip hooray
 get a good rest you folks are aces!

woodstock.77.25: aud (dam)  Mon 15 Aug 94 16:54

 we were curious when discussing all this tonight...
 did our WELL Woodstock Team have to wait in 2-hour bathroom and
 food lines like the rest of the muddy masses?

woodstock.77.26: ( O     O ) (bbraasch)  Mon 15 Aug 94 18:21

 Thanks for putting this tegether.  It was close enough to the mud for me.

woodstock.77.27: Ray Russ (raemo)  Mon 15 Aug 94 19:21

 Thanks a lot. WELL done. Can we provide a welcoming committee at the

woodstock.77.28: gail williams  (gail)  Mon 15 Aug 94 23:08

 They got in safe, mid-afternoon, and are crashing out Tuesday.  Great job!!!
 remy, miga, couey, miko, koden !!!  Yeah!
 And heroic grand control actions by polka, preese, and hpc
 Yay, team!

woodstock.77.29: otis (nycjag)  Tue 16 Aug 94 09:31


woodstock.77.30: gail williams  (gail)  Tue 16 Aug 94 09:37

 Also, the hosting here was superb.  If you didn't even notice the conference
 hosts, that may just prove it.  tnf, reva and miga trimmed topics that were
 redundant, gave feedback to people whose posts might be too esoteric for
 those reading on the Web, and made tough calls between traditional WELL
 culture and the spontaneous particularities of this event.
 Excellent work.

woodstock.77.31: otis (nycjag)  Tue 16 Aug 94 11:15

 did you expect anything less?*^)
 Bravo, Bravo!

woodstock.77.32: Fumihiko "Miko" Matsumura (miko)  Wed 17 Aug 94 14:59

 In answer to dam, no, we didnt have to wait for food or port-o-lets. My 
 strategy was to wait until the late night/early morning hours (starvation 
 is fun!) and make a run across the muddy field to the Chinese food place. 
 (and the johns).
 But we're back!!!  I came in fresh from Woodstock and put in an 8 hour 
 day at the well updating the server and stuff. Then I went home and 
 crashed for 18 hours straight!!!! I got up at 1:00 in the afternoon to 
 eat, then went back to sleep again!
 Just want to post my gratitude to the greatest team--a pleasure and an 
 honor to work with:
 Koden: My best student and a great friend--hard coded and debugged "C" 
 programs on site, in the worst of conditions!
 Remy: Our fearless leader. We are your devoted team.
 Couey: A quiet leader and friend--steadfast, trustworthy.
 Miga: Fellow all night Raver--you sure know how to work the machines, 
 Couldn't ask for a better bunch-- love you guys --   Miko. 

woodstock.77.33: editorial comment (green)  Wed 17 Aug 94 18:17

 so impressive

woodstock.77.34: Fumihiko "Miko" Matsumura (miko)  Fri 19 Aug 94 14:18

 One giant muddy Woodstock foot in my mouth for leaving Cherry (cerise) 
 off that last post:
 Cherry: true blue through and through!
 love also, of course! My heart is in the right place, even though I seem 
 to have misplaced my brain!

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