Coming Online as a Psychedelic

woodstock.9: Coming Online as a Psychedelic Journey? ?

woodstock.9.0: connect with your connection  (gail)  Sun 7 Aug 94 21:20

 Some of us who spend a lot of time online feel it changes us.
 Pressures, twists, deforms, crystalizes and uplifts us.
 Like metamorphic rock in a rising mountain chain.
 We sometimes talk about it like it's a drug.
 We even wonder about addition to interactivity and expression.
 "Spam" is the brown acid of our time; filtering and surfing and navigating
 are the quest.
 Maybe the thing that made psychedelic drugs work was that the connections
 and gateways in one person's brain were opened up.  Maybe the reason
 'cyberspace' is the territory of altered perception is that connections and
 gateways in many peoples' brains are blasted open...  by one another.

woodstock.9.1: Steve Silberman (digaman)  Sun 7 Aug 94 21:32

 One of the best things about psychedelics is seeing through the eyes of the
 One of the best things about cyberspace is seeing through the eyes of the
 "the message is, widen the area of consciousness"
                     - Allen Ginsberg

woodstock.9.2: browse (wstock5)  Thu 11 Aug 94 11:54


woodstock.9.3: on the other side of the sun (miga)  Thu 11 Aug 94 12:17

 Yeah, diga, I really agre with your #1 - online, your assumptions can be
 completely blown away in a moment!  Turns your brain inside out sometimes.

woodstock.9.4: The Next Generation (mglito)  Thu 11 Aug 94 13:09

 Cyberspace is a place for tremendous & monumental communication & education.
  The fact that so many millions of people from around the world can
 communicate through such a simple and beautiful medium really speaks for the
 best aspects of the "communications revolution."
 However, I never really connected with the assertions of guys like Tim Leary
 that virtual reality is the "new LSD"--anyone who's ever taken psychedelics
 knows what a completely transformational experience it *can* be, whereas
 technology at its best is still "just technology"--capable of making a
 difference, but not quite the same as having a true taste of the shaman...

woodstock.9.5: Much 2 young for Woodstock 1 (isaac)  Thu 11 Aug 94 13:23

 But for those who have never had LSD, it is still quite an experience.
 Flying through phone lines, across nations at the speed of light (fiber
 optics), seeing information that I never before would have heard about,
 meeting people that turn out to be influential forces in my life, that
 otherwise I would have never met. So I never taste the shaman, Cyberspace
 was a transformational experience for *me*, whethere it is or isn't the 
 "new LSD," I really don't care.

woodstock.9.6: The Next Generation (mglito)  Thu 11 Aug 94 13:33

 Good point.

woodstock.9.7: Jeremy Kashnow (kash)  Thu 11 Aug 94 13:44

 You're thinking of technology as we know it today.  Look at the
 technological revolution of the past 25 years.  Extrapolate this growth over
 the next 25 years, and you've got something very different than today.  It's
 the *theory* behind virtual reality that makes it akin to LSD.  In theory,
 VR has the ability to allow you to alter reality.  This is the same
 principle behind LSD.  Anyone who has tried VR knows that you are always
 aware that it is a simulation.  THAT's the difference between the drug and
 the technology.  As the technology gets better, it will approach the effects
 of the drug.  Make any sense?

woodstock.9.8: on the other side of the sun (miga)  Thu 11 Aug 94 14:00

 You say LSD *can* be transformational [emphasizing can - meaning, it isn't 
 automatic!] and I'd assert that technology *can* facilitate transformational 
 experiences too - which is what the LSD does, it's not the territory, it's 
 the map.  acid can be scary, overwhelming... and so can the net, but it's 
 easier to log off if you feel uncomfortable.  :)  I don't think that tech 
 has to approximate hallucinations to alter your perceptions of reality - 
 reading a good post can do that!  

woodstock.9.9: The Next Generation (mglito)  Thu 11 Aug 94 14:34


woodstock.9.10: Jennifer Powell (jnfr)  Thu 11 Aug 94 17:52

 LSD was transformational for me, and cyberspace has been just as much.

woodstock.9.11: naga bobby (bobby)  Thu 11 Aug 94 18:14

 true for me as well (WELL)

woodstock.9.12: Davis McPherson (davism)  Thu 11 Aug 94 22:12

 me ways i have yet to fully understand

woodstock.9.13: Puddnhead Wilson (warfrat)  Thu 11 Aug 94 23:14

 Like LSD, what I gather and learn from it is my "transformation". I found 
 psychedlics to be a learning experience. It opened up my "doors of 
 perception" so to speak. Being on-line for my first month has been very 
 similar. It's opened up an entirely new world for me, especially in terms 
 of expression. I've met some wonderful people already, and have had the 
 opportunity to share my thoughts, wisdoms and shorcomings as well as 
 being able to take something with me every time I log off. 
 With LSD, I was able to dig deep down in my psyche and relate to ideas 
 that were previously unavailable to me conciously, for whatever reason. I 
 was able to share my true feelings and express those feelings with others 
 in ways I never thought possible. It gave me the realization that I 
 always held the key, I just needed to use it.
 Same thing here. The excitement of expression without fear of 
 pre-conceived judgements from those you share your thoughts and ideas 
 with gives me a very good feeling. What was even more exciting, however, 
 was being able to actually meet some of the people whose words and 
 wisdoms I was able to share. Truly pschedelic in that respect, for me at 

woodstock.9.14: From Nisky: (matneo)  Fri 12 Aug 94 00:01

 It is true, cyberdelia is metaprogrammatical.

woodstock.9.15: yo dude (wstock1)  Fri 12 Aug 94 09:23

 where are you from

woodstock.9.16: Jmapelle (matneo)  Fri 12 Aug 94 11:28

 Moi?  _matneo_ now posts from niskayuna...
 Just got back from the green lot where I dropped hewitt!
 Got tickets! Hope to post from Saugerties on Saturday!
 let me guess where wstock1 is from...

woodstock.9.17: Jeremy Kashnow (kash)  Fri 12 Aug 94 13:31

 WOW, I was born in niskayuna.  I haven't heard that name in a *long* time.

woodstock.9.18: Mike Spencer (renser)  Fri 12 Aug 94 18:08

  is niskayuna next to rotterdam or is this going to be a Schenectady

woodstock.9.19:    (ernie)  Fri 12 Aug 94 18:10

 Jeez, I used to life in Niskayuna!

woodstock.9.20: marlene ryan (wstock5)  Fri 12 Aug 94 23:38

 when you were in the states why didn't you barry ryan stop in to see carrie-
 anne and john and i ? when you stop by in 95 stop in 7village dr, hamburg

woodstock.9.21: Howard Rheingold (hlr)  Fri 12 Aug 94 23:51

 Is anybody really sick of all the people dissing the brown acid? Shit! The
 brown acid was GROOVY! It's all in your point of view! But somebody who had a
 bad point of view about the brown acid got the word to somebody who had a
 Makes you wonder about other mythologies. 

woodstock.9.22: David Gans (tnf)  Sat 13 Aug 94 08:16

 You mean the brown acid canard was DISINFORMATION from the green acid

woodstock.9.23: ( O     O ) (bbraasch)  Sat 13 Aug 94 08:45

 Just don't mix the brown acid with the green acid.  

woodstock.9.24: Conceived at Woodstock? NOT! (mglito)  Sat 13 Aug 94 12:17

 Re: 21--as I understand it, some of the brown acid was (supposedly) good.
 Other brown acid (different brown acid) was (supposedly) bad.
 I hope this clears it all up ;-)

woodstock.9.25: J Matisse Enzer (matisse)  Sat 13 Aug 94 12:49

 What the uck is "bad acid" anyway?
 I mean, if the stuff was blooter, then how much of any substance other 
 than LSD could you have in a tiny bit of paper?
 LSD is effective in doses as small as 75 millionths of gram.  I doubt you 
 could have enough of anything else in a bit of blotter to have any effect 
 on you.  It would take several *thousands of millionths* of a gram of 
 speed to have a noticeable effect, for example.
 I think "bad acid" is usually "bad attitude"

woodstock.9.26:    (ernie)  Sat 13 Aug 94 12:51

 It might not have been on a blotter--in those days it was sometimes
 on little barrel pills that could hold a few hundred mgs of
 this and that.

woodstock.9.27: Conceived at Woodstock? NOT! (mglito)  Sat 13 Aug 94 12:54

 Well the "bad" comes usually in the form of strichnine, a product of poor
 control in the lab.
 It can make you feel physically quite ill, and is occasionally present in
 sufficient amounts to kill you.  No shit.
 But as I understand (from reading interviews with people who were there),
 the *good* acid was ALSO brown (!), coming from a bunch of Czechoslovakian

woodstock.9.28: Puddnhead Wilson (warfrat)  Sat 13 Aug 94 13:14

 If you mix the brown acid with the green acid, what colors do you see?

woodstock.9.29: Conceived at Woodstock? NOT! (mglito)  Sat 13 Aug 94 14:04

 We need isaac here (to create a virtual rainbow)

woodstock.9.30: Much[322YoungforWoodstock1 (isaac)  Sat 13 Aug 94 14:23


woodstock.9.31: Much[322YoungforWoodstock1 (isaac)  Sat 13 Aug 94 14:28

 Brown Acid + Green Acid=RaInBoW Acid
 sorry, brown doesn't show up well on terminals, i tried =8-)

woodstock.9.32: Puddnhead Wilson (warfrat)  Sat 13 Aug 94 14:43

 If you're coming back to SF, be sure to bring some back (brown and green) 
 so's I can see a rainbow once again! Nothing like that in the Haight for 
 some time now!

woodstock.9.33: Jennifer Powell (jnfr)  Sat 13 Aug 94 16:34

 bad acid could also have way too much speed in me the shivers
 just to think about it

woodstock.9.34: bummer!! (wstock5)  Sat 13 Aug 94 16:55

 >strychnine and speed in acid
 this is one of those urban legends.  think about it.  acid is active in such
 minute quantities that even if it were 100% strychnine or speed you'd hardly
 feel anything.  This is just completely false.

woodstock.9.35: audrey (dam)  Sat 13 Aug 94 18:01

 hey isaac, how'd you do that???

woodstock.9.36: 2 young 4 # 1 (isaac)  Sat 13 Aug 94 18:22

 my acid colors? I'm still not sure. I think my modem needs to go in for repair.

woodstock.9.37: We must be in HEAVEN, man! (tnf)  Sat 13 Aug 94 18:23


woodstock.9.38: aud (dam)  Sat 13 Aug 94 19:05

 either that or my monitor is on grugs...

woodstock.9.39: gopod for a day (jbk)  Sat 13 Aug 94 19:14

 The piano has been drinking . . .

woodstock.9.40: home in peaceful San Francisco (tigereye)  Sun 14 Aug 94 02:26

 Where's the Weird encampment? I heard they were around here somewhere.

woodstock.9.41: 2 young 4 # 1 (isaac)  Sun 14 Aug 94 12:05

 Topic 16 is very WeIr[[36mD!

woodstock.9.42: 2 young 4 # 1 (isaac)  Sun 14 Aug 94 12:06

 it's WEIRD!

woodstock.9.43: Bulgur & Wheatgrass & Windham Hill Songs (mglito)  Sun 14 Aug 94 12:30

 Re: 34...
 The strichnine factor is fact, not fiction.  I have read it in various books
 that explain psychedelics in detail.  The fact that it *does* exist in such
 minute doses explains why it does not kill you.  But people who take
 altogether *too much acid* have died of strichnine poisoning.
 Clean, well-made LSD, however, has *absolutely no traces* of strichnine or
 anything else.
 So far as speed goes, it too can exist in blotter acid of poor grade.  The
 poeple who make it (or transfer it to paper) may add it to compensate for
 truly weak acid, I don't know.  But when I was in high school & taking lots
 of acid of questionable quality, I ended up eating a lot of speed-"enhanced"
 acid.  And I know there was speed in it, because I later had the pleasure of
 taking a good deal of pure LDS in college :-)
 Um, LSD... (i never had to take the Mormon church in college :-)

woodstock.9.44: naga bobby (bobby)  Sun 14 Aug 94 12:40

 On Woodstock '69 Sunday I was on a roll. I took lots of the brown,
 green, blue etc.
 There is no toxic dose of acid per se. I know I took the equivalent of
 at least 20 tabs on Sunday alone with blue THC, lots of hash, grass
 and opium, on some sort of dirt appearing substance handed me by
 a guy who said it was mescaline covered with psilocin powder. I
 asked how much I should take and he said take what you think is
 best. I ate a couple of walnut sized chunks. The acid was dissolved
 in wine bottles and handed out by the piece and handful. I
 remember seeing mounds of acid along "high way" in the woods
 section to the left of the stage. I didn't pay for anything. I literally
 had no money coming up to the concert.
 As I posted elsewhere, I had a powerful cosmic high, one of the
 memorable events of my life. I disagree with those elsewhere who
 said their experience of Woodstock as a fond memory existed only
 in retrospect. My experience was powerful ecstatic transcendence.
 At least for Sunday.
 I was at Woodstock 69 from Wednesday to Monday. I was up for
 about three days straight from Thursday to Sunday night. Most of
 the festival for me existed in locales outside the audience area. My
 experience went through a couple of quantum leaps as I began
 dropping acid, shortly after arrival on Wednesday.
 For real my life is like a dream. My woodstock experience is a node
 in space time fabric. Not at all linear progression. Which is to say I
 still experience woodstock wave effects at this particular juncture of
 fractal fabric that is called (bobby). Some online psychedelic

woodstock.9.45: David Dalto (dd)  Sun 14 Aug 94 16:19

 I second the presence of speed in second-rate acid doses in the late 
 sixties.  Not all that much of the LSD I swallowed at that time was on 
 blotter, mostly in forms more amenable to adulteration.  I really dislike 
 the feeling of speed, and I got  quite picky about what I would take.
 One of the "end of the sixties" things for me was when I would no longer 
 drop things handed to me by strangers.

woodstock.9.46: Ruler of the (cosmos)  Sun 14 Aug 94 17:43

 Wanna try a *really* psychedelic journey?  Try deciphering ASCII enhanced
 posts on sweeper!

woodstock.9.47: editorial comment (green)  Sun 14 Aug 94 18:28


woodstock.9.48: Max Yasgur's Ghost (axon)  Sun 14 Aug 94 18:51

 strychinine/speed in acid is definitely a myth.  see, the deal is
 this; acid decomposes rapidly when exposed to light or heat.  as it
 decomposes it literally metamorphoses into increasingly unstable
 compounds.  compounds which produce undesirable side effects, such as
 cramping, anxiety, "speediness", nausea, and paranoia, among others.
 blotter is the medium which most exposes the crystal to light and
 heat.  gels are next, and tabs are the most stable.  all can
 deteriorate, and all can have nasty side effects if not properly
 stored and packaged.

woodstock.9.49: let my inspiration flow... (tomthumb)  Sun 14 Aug 94 20:30

 I'm not sure bout that deteriorating thing.  I had some blotter doses folded
 up in a piece of paper in my address book for about 3 years that I just
 recently took.  The effects were more or less the same as when I took em the
 first time.  I was hesitant on taking em after so long not knowing what
 effect time would have on em but as I discovered there were no adverse
 effect (luckily)
 If anyone has other experience with the shelf-life of acid I'd love to hear

woodstock.9.50: Sleep in the Stars (btwind)  Sun 14 Aug 94 22:06

  I had some friends who froze some liquid once. When they, ahm we :-),
  took it, we were way surprised. See, the freezing made it ALOT more
  concentrated. The things we didnt know back then (this was about '84
  or '85). I've stored blotter a year or 2 already, only to take it and
  feel nothing. The same stuff from the same person was incredible the day
  we bought it.

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