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Here you will find a collection of links to sites scattered all over the Internet, on many different topics. The links are grouped by topic. The topics discussed include children, psychology, computers, astronomy, math, science, arts and music, government and criminology, humor and spoofs, and others. It's really quite an eclectic links collection.

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I tend my links garden from time to time, weeding out dead links and adding new ones, so check in often to see what's new.

Have a good journey on the open ocean of The Internet!

Local Friends' Web Sites

Michael W. Rivers, Editor The resume of my friend Michael W. Rivers, who is currently looking for employment in the field of film editing. If you're looking for someone to help you in that area, give him a shout.

Internet Friends' Web Sites

Renfairboy's Flickr Photo Stream   The Flickr photo stream of my friend Michael Drouillard, who is a friend of wolves and other wild lifeforms, and a frequenter of renaissance fairs (hence his AOL screen name "Renfairboy").

DJ Brian K's Site   This is the site of my friend Brian K. Henshaw in Carbondale, PA. Brian's day job may be boring, but by night he's a swinging DJ. Planning a wedding or party in Northeast Pennsylvania? Give DJ Brian K a call.

Victor Alvarez   The Facebook page of my friend Victor Alvarez. Victor is an INFJ, objectivist, Ayn Rand fan, Enya fan, childrens-rights advocate, math major, aspiring software engineer, and many other things.

The Tolkien Ring

These are web sites of my fellow frequenters of the AIM chat room "jrr tolkien" (private), and members of "The Litter Box" mailing list (by invitation only). (As of January 2003, I am no longer a member of The Litter Box.) If you are a fan of JRR Tolkien and would like to join the group, email a brief letter of self-introduction to one of the members below and ask to join; whether or not they'll let you in is their business.

These web sites are listed in alphabetical order of nickname, followed by real first name. (Last names are withheld, except in cases where they appear in the person's web site.)

Pundemonium The web site of CozmoTC (Thomas). Thomas keeps a cool collection of puns here. Have a pun? Send it to Thomas.

Ermiton/Clarksville   The web sites of Enry the ermit & Fenry the gerbster (Micah). Very odd places.

Jesse's Site   The web site of FeanorKing (Jesse). His site metamorphoses from time to time. Go there to see what it's all about right now. (It might not be the same as yesterday!)

Official AOL Intelligence Page   The web site of "Hack" (name: classified; AOL screen names: Elenaran and h1acker3). This site has seals of many different intelligence agencies in various countries around the world.

Olórin's Realm   The web site of 0lórin1050 (Jeff Michael). (Jeff's alter ego is the wizard Gandalf, who was called "Olórin" in Valinor, hence Jeff's nickname, domain name, and web-site name.) Jeff is an audio engineer by trade, and also plays bass in his own band in his spare time. Jeff is also an INTJ, and I like arguing politics and stuff with him. (Hey Jeff... George Bush rules! :-P Just kidding!)


Some Suggestions   Some suggestions on how to help children to cope with the stresses of daily living. This is on the Light For Life Foundation's web site.

Some Suggestions   A mirror of the above, on my site. Click here if the above link doesn't work.

Light For Life Foundation   Learn how to help prevent teenage suicides.

Global March Against Child Labor   Learn about the tragedy of child labor and child slavery around the world, and what you can do to help.


Carl Jung   A biograpy of Dr. Carl Jung (upon who's work MBTI is based), with a description of Dr. Jung's psychological theories.

Myers-Briggs Type Indicator - Simple Model   This is a simple run-down on the "Myers-Briggs Type Indicator", or "MBTI", which is a theory which postulates that there are sixteen basic inborn human personality types. This concept is based on the work of Greek physician Hipocrates (circa 400BC) and Swedish Psychiatrist Carl Jung (circa 1911AD), with additions and extensions by Isabel Myers and her mother Katheryn Briggs (circa 1958). For more information, read Isabel Myers' book, "Gifts Differing", and David Keirsey's book "Please Understand Me II", both available at libraries and bookstores everywhere.

Myers-Briggs Type Indicator - Dynamic Model   This explains MBTI theory in greater depth.

Keirsery Temperment Sorter II   An MBTI personality type test.

Online Psych Personality Type Test   Another good MBTI test.

TypeLogic   Exellent MBTI type profiles, plus information on how types interact.

Socionics   Yet another MBTI spin-off, with an interesting criticism of MBTI's J/P duality and some rather complex exposition on type interactions.

TypeTango   A match-making compatibility program using MBTI concepts, by Vladimir Kornea. (See "Vladimir's Bauble" in the "Humor, Quotes, and Eclectica" section below.)


HTML 4.01   The starting point for anyone who is seriously interested in learning Hyper-Text Markup Language. This is the most important page of the web site of The World Wide Web Consortium (W3C), the people responsible for specifying the standards for World Wide Web publishing. (The newest version of HTML is XHTML 1.0 (see below), but that is really just a slight extention of HTML 4.01. Study this page first.)

XHTML 1.0   W3C's XHTML page. (I recommend, however, that you learn HTML 4.01 first (see above), then go to this page to check out the extentions.)

CSS Level 1   Cascading Styles Sheets, Level 1. The definitive guide to the stylistic language of the world wide web.

CSS Level 2   Cascading Styles Sheets, Level 2. The next step in web style sheets.

C++ FAQ   Answers to common questions about the C++ programming language.

Bjarne Stroustrup's Home Page   The home page of Bjarne Stroustrup, the creator and original implimenter of the C++ programming language, and author of the book The C++ Programming Language.

http://www.freethemes.com/   A great site for free desktop themes, cursors, fonts, icons, etc.

Tucows   "TUCOWS" stands for "The Ultimate Collection Of Windows Software", and it is just that. TUCOWS has a great collection of free software for Microsoft Windows versions 3.xx, 9x, 2000, me, NT, XP. This is primarily "Shareware", sold for a price, but you can download 30-day trial evaluation copies in most cases. Some of the software stops working at the end of the 30-day trial period, but some doesn't. Also, one can find cracks to remove the time limits, nags, splashes, and other problems with Shareware. Or, you can pay some money to the author and get a license.

Driver Guide   This site has hard-to-find driver files for various different computer peripherals, especially sound cards and modems. A great place to go if you get your hands on used peripherals with no install disks and no manuals, or if your hard disk crashes and you lose your driver files.

Netscape Navigator

Internet Explorer


Hubble Space Telescope pics   Take a look at hundreds of breath-taking photos of places all over the Universe made over the years by the Hubble Space Telescope.

Mars Global Surveyor pics   Check out the latest photographs of the surface of Mars, from NASA's spacecraft, Mars Global Surveyor (MGS), now in orbit around Mars. MGS carries the Mars Orbital Camera (MOC). The MOC was built by Malin Space Science Systems (MSSS). (NASA and MSSS love acronyms, as you will see if you visit their web sites.) These photographs are spectacular! Explore a distant planet from your own living room! Never before has this been possible. For me, this is a truely religious experience to finaly see the surface of the one planet I have longed to visit all my life. It is a dream come true.

NASA   The National Aeronautics and Space Administration.

JPL   The Jet Propulsion Laboratory.

Planetary Photojournal   NASA's Planetary Photojournal page. Great photos of planets and moons and asteroids!

MSSS   Malin Space Science Systems. These guys built the Mars Orbital Camera which is onboard NASA's Mars Global Surveyor spacecraft.


Online Math Degrees   A site about the best online math degree programs.

Who Hires Math Majors?   Lists top 10 employers of people with mathematics degrees.

Drexel Math Forum   The math forum site of Drexel University. This site contains an extensive on-line mathematics library. It also has links to thousands of math-related web sites, both within the www.mathforum.org domain and elsewere.

Famous Problems in the History of Mathematics   A fascinating collection of some of the greatest problems (both solved and unsolved) in the history of mathematics.

Mathematics Animated   Professor Louis A. Talman of Metropolitan State College of Denver presents Quicktime animations of various mathematical surfaces, curves, and processes. Alows visualization and intuitive understanding of mathematical ideas that otherwise would seem incomprehensible.

Calculus@Internet   This site has links to thousands of calculus and pre-calculus related web sites.

Science and Technology

Sandlot Science   A fun science site for all ages

Amateur Radio   A great hobby you might enjoy.

Cern   The European Laboratory for Particle Physics. One of the world's premier particle physics research facilities. Also one of the originators of The World Wide Web and HTML, and a current member of W3C.

Art, Music, and Museums

The Louvre   The world's most famous museum. They even have the Mona Lisa on the web.

The First Church Of Chumbawamba   The web site of rock group Chumbawamba.

Government and Politics

NSA   The National Security Agency. The NSA specialize in signals intelligence (SIGINT: tapping phone, radio, cable, satellite, and other communications), cryptology (unraveling other countries' secret codes), and Information Security (INFOSEC: the protection of computer data through encryption).

CIA   The Central Intelligence Agency. The CIA is responsible for gathering, processing, and disseminating intelligence on national security issues.

FBI   The Federal Bureau of Investigation. The Feds. These folk investage federal crimes such as bank robbery and fleeing across interstate lines to avoid prosecution. If you see someone breaking a federal law, give your nearest FBI Field Office a call.

Ten Most Wanted List   The FBI's "Ten Most-Wanted Fugitives" list. If you see any of these persons in your neighborhood, call the FBI immediately! (There are rewards for information leading to the arrest of these fugitives. But more importantly, most of these folk have committed multiple murders. These are very dangerous criminals who belong behind bars, not roaming the streets.)

Humor, Quotes, and Eclectica

Somebody set up us the bomb!   Indescribable.

Vladimir's Bauble   The web site of Vlad (Vladimir Kornea). Contains a good collection of humor, poems, quotes, etc.

My On-line Résumé

My On-line Résumé   I'm always open to career advancment, especially in the computer programming field. Want to hire me to do C/C++ programming for you? Here you will find a description of my background, experience, and qualifications.

Written Friday September 4, 1998 by Robbie Hatley.

Last updated Monday March 18, 2013.

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