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Main Gallery


Welcome to the Main Gallery of my museum. This wing contains puzzles, humor, midi music, pictures, audio, video, programs, and anything else that doesn't specifically belong in another wing of my museum. Enjoy your visit to eclectica!

I'm currently in the process of over-hauling my Main Gallery. I've removed all the dead links, and I'm currently in the process of replacing them with live links, some new and some old. So please pardon the mess!



Files about computer programming, hacking, and cyberculture:


Picture Collections

Miscellanious Downloadable Files

The links below are miscellanious downloadable files stored on my web server. These include audio, video, and program files. To download these files, right click the links and select "Save Target As..." (or whatever the equivalent is in your browser). I don't recommend left-clicking; some browsers may bring up a download dialog box on left-click, but others may try open the file in-place, or download it to some "default" location where you'll never find it.

Written Sunday November 1, 1998 by Robbie Hatley.

Last updated Sunday April 22, 2007.

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