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deadsongs.vue.154 : On The Road Again
permalink #0 of 1: David Dodd (ddodd) Mon 8 Sep 03 09:25
On The Road Again
w&m: traditional
deadsongs.vue.154 : On The Road Again
permalink #1 of 1: Alex Allan (alexallan) Mon 8 Sep 03 20:41
On The Road Again 
Lyrics: Traditional
Music: Traditional

Would not my fat girl tell you the reason why?
Fat girls will even do things on the sly
Look for your dinner to be good and hot
She never even put a stew-bone in the pot

She's on the road again, sure as you're born
Natural born eastman on the road again
She's on the road again, sure as you're born

Friend comes by, says he's looking for his hat
Wants to know where's your husband's at
Say I don't know, he's on the way to the pen
Come on pretty momma let's get on the road again


I went to my house, my front door was locked
Went round to the window, found my window was locked
Jumped right back, I shook my head
Big old rounder in my folding bed
Shot through the window, broke the glass
Never seen that little rounder run so fast


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