deadsongs.vue.42 : Clementine
permalink #0 of 4: David Dodd (ddodd) Tue 2 Sep 03 15:02
w: Hunter m: Lesh
deadsongs.vue.42 : Clementine
permalink #1 of 4: Alex Allan (alexallan) Tue 2 Sep 03 18:39
Lyrics: Robert Hunter
Music: Phil Lesh

Copyright Ice Nine Publishing; used by permission.

Chopped olive sandwiches, roses and wine
Red ripe persimmons, my sweet Clementine
I go on, I go on, I can't fill my cup
There's a hole in the bottom, the well has dried up

I run through the forest, I cut past the vine
Head through the thickets, many a time
[Field full] of voices, sweet voices behind
I left for the comfort of cold Clementine
deadsongs.vue.42 : Clementine
permalink #2 of 4: Alex Allan (alexallan) Tue 3 Jan 12 12:39
Just came across this piece on the Bell - Carter Olive Company, which

"In the early 1930's, "Bell's" chopped olives were widely used in
chopped olive sandwiches (considered a delicacy at the time)"
deadsongs.vue.42 : Clementine
permalink #3 of 4: Robin Russell (rrussell8) Tue 3 Jan 12 14:05
I get chopped olives on the Saturday special I get from Subways to
take to croquet.
deadsongs.vue.42 : Clementine
permalink #4 of 4: Back in Columbia Blue: (oilers1972) Fri 11 Sep 15 23:17
This song was my personal soundtrack 20 years ago after I had fallen
in love with a woman whom I eventually thought might be The One For
Me...and proceeded to do everything I could to mess it all up; of
course she rejected the heck out of me.  This song just conveyed
such a feeling of choked hopelessness and romantic desolation to me.

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