inkwell.vue.108 : Two Sides of M.J. Rose
permalink #76 of 77: M. J. Rose (anewanais) Sat 5 May 01 05:42
Thanks all... I loved being here.

One thing Mark - I don't mean to give the books away for free for

Just for a very limited time - say for two weeks or a month... and a
few hundred - or maybe a thousand. It should be something special to
get the book for free - not what people come to excpect.
inkwell.vue.108 : Two Sides of M.J. Rose
permalink #77 of 77: M. J. Rose (anewanais) Sat 5 May 01 05:48
I just reread that and wanted to make one more comment... I don't
think that giving out  a thousand copies of your book to readers who
love books is in any way getting the general public used to things
being free ie the Village Voice or the Internet. 

I think of these books as a gift. Personally, I did get PocketBooks to
give about 100 books away to 100 of my fans - people who wrote me
letters saying how much they loved my first novel. I wrote them back
and asked them if  they'd like a copy of the second. Most said yes.
They got a free book.

If I could have convinced Pocket to do it with a thousand I would
have. If I could have afforded to buy them myself and give them away I
would have. 

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