inkwell.vue.137 : Gary Gach: The Complete Idiot's Guide to Understanding Buddhism
permalink #151 of 151: Gary Gach (ggg) Mon 24 Aug 09 21:28
... remembering <cdb>'s kind invitation to drop by and update, here I
am again.   

It seems the 1st edition of my book's now a free download, and the 2nd
edition's a scan at < >.  Such came
to pass since I've thoroughly revised plus updated the book for a
third edition (out now).  Not that Buddhism's changed, but, for one
thing, I' had an opportunity to teach it for three semesters, at
Stanford continuing studies; always a great way to learn more: teach!  

And not that our current times see more suffering, or are more
uncertain, than ever before, but perhaps more people might be more
aware, of suffering, and uncertainty.  --And then there's all the
amazing recent breakthroughs in the cognitive sciences; Slow Food;
photography (which I'd left out), etc.

As I'm beating the bushes, for my new edition, here's a link to a
recent talk I gave at Book Passage, in Marin County < >, called "Free Nirvana!," which I hope brings a
smile.  (I was there 1 week after Jaimal Yogi spoke about his
"Saltwater Buddha," a tough act to follow! -- his talk also archived at )  This includes Q&A, altho' Wellites are always welcome to
post questions, comments, or criticism here, and I'll be more than glad
to continue the thread.

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