inkwell.vue.236 : Brian McWilliams, "Spam Kings"
permalink #101 of 103: Dan Mitchell (mitchell) Fri 11 Feb 05 17:25
Yes, thanks Brian. Great work. I love good underbelly journalism, and
you seem to be taking to it quite nicely. I'll look forward to that
next book.

FYI -- If you don't know, there's a whole spam conference here on the
Well that may interest you. Several people in there, some of them
sysdmins such as <wolfy> are quite knowledgable on the technical
aspects of the problem. 
inkwell.vue.236 : Brian McWilliams, "Spam Kings"
permalink #102 of 103: Betsy Schwartz (betsys) Sun 13 Feb 05 08:18
Wow, the new gig sounds like it could be a bit dangerous. Safe trails!

I'm interested btw in your choosing a ".biz" domain for your new site.
I've heard much discussion on sysadmin resource lists about whether
.biz and .info should be just completely filtered out because they are
such spammer havens. I notice you're not using that domain for email...
inkwell.vue.236 : Brian McWilliams, "Spam Kings"
permalink #103 of 103: Brian McWilliams (bmcwilliams) Sun 13 Feb 05 17:34
Betsy, yes, I'm aware that .biz land is considered less than prime
real estate by some people. But the dot-com was taken (Scott Richter
later got the dot-net), and I figured dot-biz would be apropos given
the subject matter. ;-)

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