inkwell.vue.6 : Touring and/or events
permalink #126 of 128: Gail Williams (gail) Tue 10 Apr 07 10:34
Oh my.  Did somebody forget to ... uh ... shop for a calendar?
inkwell.vue.6 : Touring and/or events
permalink #127 of 128: Elisabeth Roche (eroche) Wed 11 Apr 07 16:26
You know, you might want to bring this idea up in the Writers
The folks who hang out there seem like a likely group for a try-out.

Good luck!


On Wed, 11 Apr 2007, Elisabeth Roche wrote:

> Elisabeth,
I would like to explore to describe a physical object in space.

But also comes to mind how to describe other catches of words.

Anyone game?

"what rhymes with orange?"
"door hinge"

describe that hinge

or try these
> Mabye we give a challenge of "an amazon rain"
> A tsunami
> a hard frost
> 119in the desert
> a robin watches its first born's first steps
> all things like this.
> We could collect them and then have people describe, illustrate, 
expand, etc on the scene.
inkwell.vue.6 : Touring and/or events
permalink #128 of 128: Gail Williams (gail) Wed 11 Apr 07 17:00
Sounds like you have some fun ideas for games.  We have played a few 
creative games here before, that's for sure!

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