U.S. Local Media Contacts :

The 2012 Election

by Jack Kessler, kessler@well.com

The following lists have been assembled & formatted & edited, by me, for every US presidential campaign & election since 2004, from a variety of sources both online and offline. The files are offered here as a public service, free of charge, to provide easiest possible access to local media not otherwise so simply found & reached the way the larger "national" media are. It is my personal hope that people will use these lists and their addresses to participate, to write lots of letters-to-the-editor, during the current election year...

Lists assembled so far: (* Swing States)

* Coloradocurrently 104 addressesCaucus Feb 7
Michigancurrently 311 addressesPrimary Feb 28
* Nevadacurrently 86 addressesCaucus Feb 4
New Hampshirecurrently 257 addressesPrimary Feb 10
* New Mexicocurrently 54 addressesPrimary Jun 5
* Ohiocurrently 411 addressesPrimary Mar 6 Super Tuesday
* Virginiacurrently 99 addressesPrimary Mar 6 Super Tuesday
* Floridacurrently 144 addressesPrimary Jan 31
California: San Francisco only, so far...currently 45 addressesPrimary Jan 31
WisconsinpendingPrimary Apr 3
* North CarolinapendingPrimary May 8
PennsylvaniapendingPrimary Apr 24


That "variety of sources" has been used to crosscheck the lists, so the entries should be relatively accurate. If any are not, or if you know of others, please send email to me at kessler@well.com

The lists are designed to be downloaded, printed out, cut & pasted, or merged into any sort of database structure, all with maximum ease. The first 4 lines of each entry are the postal mailing address, which can just be cut & pasted onto an envelope... To make all this even easier the entries are non-formatted ASCII, and they follow a rigid "flat file" structure, for database uniformity.

There is some duplication, where I have found specific references to multiple area coverage for an entry. For easy searching, city names are preceded by " **", and individual entries by "***". All entries are print media or online except where indicated after their titles by "(radio)" or "(tv)": and to find all radio or all tv, these strings can be searched too... The archive of the lists, state by state, is online at: http://www.well.com/~kessler/Localm

Anyone is free to use these lists for any purpose. I figure the more who do so for political purposes, during this election year, the better. This project version is beginning in September, 2011; so if the state you seek is not online here yet, please be patient -- or better yet let me know, and I'll try my best to add that state next.

Jack Kessler, kessler@well.com