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deadsongs.vue.131 : Me And Bobby McGee
permalink #0 of 2: David Dodd (ddodd) Mon 8 Sep 03 08:45
Me And Bobby McGee
w&m: Kristofferson, Foster
deadsongs.vue.131 : Me And Bobby McGee
permalink #1 of 2: Alex Allan (alexallan) Fri 14 May 04 22:27
From Weir's interview in the liner notes to "Weir Here":

[Janis Joplin] and Weir learned it together, on the Festival Express,
a train ride across Canada in 1970.

"We were learning this song from this guy who was on the train. I
don't think he was a performer, I think he was a reporter who just
happened to play a little, some Canadian guy. I think he got it off a
page of music, I don't think he'd even heard it. A night or two later,
she and I were kicking it around, then at the end with the la-di-da
part, I sort of took off, and then Janis picked that up and I started
doing a yodel sort of deal, like I used to do, and Janis took off from
there. Together we found where to take that song."
deadsongs.vue.131 : Me And Bobby McGee
permalink #2 of 2: Christian Crumlish (xian) Mon 17 May 04 12:57
Bob Weir is the narrator/character of the not yet written great
American Dead Novel.

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