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deadsongs.vue.171 : Row Jimmy
permalink #26 of 32: Robin Russell (rrussell8) Thu 21 Jun 07 06:42
Row Jimmy > Shakedown! Great idea!

One thing I have not seen is an examination of Wake of the Flood as a
kind of concept album. Garcia chuckled that Anthem of the Sun was mixed
for the hallucinations. When WotF was released we (the circle of
explorers I knew) concluded that it was a route map. We found it highly
effective, at least as good as the sonic maps we assembled. For
example, the Jeff Beck Group version of Goin' Down was a favourite way
to kick the door down. 

I rate WotF the ultimate GD studio album, the one where the album form
is most exploited to the boundaries of its capability, notwithstanding
the fact that the collections of songs on WD and AB get all the
attention and Anthem is hailed for its innovations.
deadsongs.vue.171 : Row Jimmy
permalink #27 of 32: streaming irreverent commentary (pauli) Thu 21 Jun 07 08:35
I'm with you on Wake of the Flood.  It's my favorite GD studio album and
really does hold together as an album.  I also have very vivid memories of
the first time I heard it.  I went downtown in San Luis Obispo, where I was
living at the time to pick it up, then several friends and I listened to it
on our front porch drinking tequila sunrises on a beautiful sunny afternoon.
deadsongs.vue.171 : Row Jimmy
permalink #28 of 32: David Dodd (ddodd) Thu 21 Jun 07 14:57
Maybe we should add "album" topics to this discussion, so that the
gestalt of songs on any given studio album can be explored in context.
Or is that too much?
deadsongs.vue.171 : Row Jimmy
permalink #29 of 32: Robin Russell (rrussell8) Fri 22 Jun 07 07:02
Too much? Of a good thing? 

I recall Richard Neville in his seminal work, Playpower, stating that
the good things in life were worth endlessly repeating, not that that
is entirely relevant in this case, but it is worth repeating, though
perhaps not endlessly, for those who have not read this masterpiece by
one of the editors of the legendary Oz magazine and a successful
defendant in the celebrated 1971 London obscenity trial for the
Schoolkids Issue. Neville defended himself, while the other two editors
were represented by John Mortimer, creator of Rumpole of the Bailey.
The examples of things worth endlessly repeating that Neville used were
sex and something else, now what was that other thing ...
deadsongs.vue.171 : Row Jimmy
permalink #30 of 32: David Gans (tnf) Fri 22 Jun 07 08:56

Do it, David!
deadsongs.vue.171 : Row Jimmy
permalink #31 of 32: from JONATHAN GAL (tnf) Fri 22 Jun 07 08:56

Jonathan Gal writes:

Or, maybe Row Jimmy>They Love Each Other .... which seems to have a similar
"funk" to it, though at faster pace.

This TLEO is sweet, puts a double twist in my step ...

deadsongs.vue.171 : Row Jimmy
permalink #32 of 32: David Dodd (ddodd) Tue 24 May 11 15:48
Posted on behalf of Galileo Orland (exactly as received....):

levee doing the doe pas o. song is about flooding on the river.  ask
the time baby i dont know shows the repetive na ture of flood ing on
the mississ ippi   the kevee doing the doe pas o is the le ee swaying
to and fro and about to break. there is more, much more, but enough for
noe.  listen to the song during the spring tours. all graceful
instruments will br knwn.


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