Email Services
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Log in directly for webmail services at, powered by Zimbra.

To configure your mail settings for a computer or mobile device, see Email Help.

Configure your email

* Get help with email and find your settings

* Log in to see your email directly at, powered by Zimbra

* Block spam via the Utilities page

Am I set up for email?

If you're signed up for the Complete plan, you have an email address at (Essential plan memberships do not include mail.) You may decide to use "The Park Place of Internet email addresses" for all your contacts, prefer to forward to another address or like to use your address solely with your WELL friends. [more...]

What about spam?

We never permit the sending of unsolicited bulk commercial email (spam) from a WELL account, nor will we sell or rent addresses for any purpose. We don't place or display ads on your email. We do provide spam detection services. [more...]

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