The Well Group Holds First Organizational Meeting


Contact: Naomi Pearce 510.528.0824

Posted: The WELL, News conference Mon 06 Aug 2012 (03:55 PM)

The Well Group Holds First Organizational Meeting

The Well Group Inc., a California corporation, held its initial organizational meeting on Saturday, August 4, 2012.

President and CEO: Earl Crabb Secretary: Cynsa Bonorris Treasurer: Michael Walsh

Board of Directors Brady Lea, Chair Cynsa Bonorris Earl Crabb

Joe Flower Michael Walsh

Cynsa Bonorris
Bill Braasch
Celia Chapman
Earl Crabb
Joe Flower
Brady Lea
Scott Mauvais Evelyn Jean Pine Jim Rutt
Michael Walsh Richard Worthington

The first goals of the corporation are: to acquire ownership of The Well; manage the transition; and establish a long-term plan for the ownership and management of The Well.

For the first goal, acquiring ownership, the investors have provided what we hope is enough money to acquire the Well, plus have enough working capital to see it through the beginning of the transition.

We appreciate the many offers of donations, and will be factoring those into our long-term plan, though at this point we are still working with securities lawyers as to how, and if, we can accept them.

Again, thank you all so much for your patience and understanding during this time when we are, quite literally, not able to disclose everything or answer all your questions. Thank you in advance for your continued patience while we try to get this done.


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