San Francisco, CA (November 14, 2006) — The WELL (, the ground-breaking online discussion community known for literate conversations and widespread cultural influence, will remain a division of Salon Media Group, Inc., publisher of the award-winning website (, the company announced today.

In 2005, Salon announced that a sale to an appropriate buyer would be considered. In a regulatory filing today, the company said: “As Salon has not found a suitable purchaser, it has determined that it is currently in the best interest of the company to retain this business and has therefore suspended all efforts to sell The WELL.”

“We saw interested and interesting parties during the sale period, but no dream match for a successful transition,” said Gail Ann Williams, Director of Communities at Salon and 15-year veteran of The WELL management team.

This week The WELL also begins a test run of a program offering interested visitors free trial memberships.

The WELL was founded as the “Whole Earth ‘Lectronic Link” on April 1, 1985 by Whole Earth Catalog publisher Stewart Brand in partnership with philanthropist and technology pioneer Larry Brilliant. Salon acquired The WELL in 1999, and has continued to run it as a subscription service.

The WELL today is a members-only gathering place dedicated to intelligent conversation. A quirky assembly of writers, technologists, artists and experts exchanges information and opinions on a vast variety of topics. The subject matter ranges from news and media to culture and parenting to whatever else WELL members decide to explore today — from anime to zymurgy.

Membership in The WELL, which includes unlimited participation in hundreds of members-only forums, costs $10 or $15 per month depending on the account features, with discounts offered for ongoing annual subscriptions. The WELL is also marked by a policy of requiring members to disclose their real names to one another, which encourages the development of deeper relationships and ongoing ties.

About Salon Media Group, Inc.:

Founded in 1995, Salon is an Internet media company that produces an award winning, original-content Web site of news, opinion and culture, and hosts two ongoing discussion communities, Table Talk and The WELL.

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Press Contact:
Gail Ann Williams
Director of Communities, (home of The WELL)
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