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The Books conference is, not surprisingly, a place to talk about books. Books you've read, books you haven't, books you've never heard of, books you're bound to want to read after hearing about them. Books by specific authors, by genre, by subject, by hook or by crook. Books about everything under the sun and then some.

Books is also a place for book-related phenomena -- favorite bookstores, pointers on where to find the book you're looking for, hot tips by riveted readers, forthcoming books, banned books, meditations on the nature of narrative and the experience of reading, books on tape, great first lines and a few rotten ones, the world in the wake of books (e.g. book-banning controversies) -- all this and more.

Books is also the home of the Mystery Logout Quote, an exasperating and enlightening game that has become a WELL institution. If you've ever read a book, drop by. And if you've never read one, stop in and see what you've been missing.

A Mystery Logout Example...

I put on my slippers and my dressing-gown, and brushed away a tear which the north wind, blowing across the quay, had brought into my eyes. A bright fire was burning on the hearth in my study. Ice-crystals, in the form of fern-leaves, frosted the window-panes, hiding from me the Seine, its bridges, and the Louvre des Valois.

Drawing my arm-chair and writing-table before the fire, I took the place that H. deigned to leave me. H., his nose between his paws, lay curled up on a feather cushion in front of the andirons. His thick, soft fur rose and fell with his regular breathing. As I approached, he gently opened his dark eyes from between their half-closed lids, but almost instantly shut them again, as if saying to himself, "It is nothing; only my friend."

Hosted by: Tom Howard (tom), Renshin Bunce (renshin)

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