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The Hosts conference is a place for The WELL users, hosts and non-hosts to discuss, complain, praise and debate the actions, philosophy and mundane tasks of conference hosting.

If you are a host and want to talk to other hosts, if you are not a host and want to talk with and/or about hosts, this is the place to do it.

This is a good place to ask for and discuss new tools for hosts, as well as how to use existing ones.

Want to know more about hosting on The WELL? Explore The WELL Conferencing and Community Building page, and The WELL Host Manual.

Hosts on Hosting: Some of the best descriptions of hosting and what makes a good host were described eloquently at various face-to-face Host Gathering Dinners. Check out words of hosting wisdom from veteran hosts:

Host Newsletters: In hardcopy newsletters which were sent out to our hosts and later converted into web-readable pages, our hosts continued to offer excellent tips and techniques on good hosting:

Hosted by: David Gans (tnf)

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