Movie-related links

Search the Internet Movie Database for everything you ever wanted to know about any movie.

As the studios roll out more and more individual film websites, thier studio pages become mostly repositories for their archives. Check out what they have to offer:

  • Disney got the rights to the name Their studios include Walt Disney, Touchstone, Hollywood, and Buena Vista. It's one of the best studio sites on the Web.

  • The Fine Line site is a little busy, but it is a nice site.

  • "The Lion's Den," the MGM/United Artists site, is pretty poorly laid out, and mostly contains links to the studio's individual movie sites.

  • The Miramax Cafe finally got rid of their ridiculous graphic-only interface, revealing a pretty good site with lots of archival material.

  • Sony Pictures (which icludes Coulmbia, TriStar, and Sony Pictures Classics) has gone frame-crazy! Run away! Save yourselves!

You may have read about The Oracle of Bacon at Virginia. Check it out. is a very nice looking, comprehensive web site, complete with interviews and articles.

The Sundance Film Festival takes place every January.

The Oscars happen every March. is the Oscar web site, while is the AMPAS site. A subtle but oh-so-important distinction.