WELL 1997 Picnic

  We arrived at Candlestick Point on a sunny, breezy day, hunting vainly for the WELL's classy paper-plate-and-sticker pointers that just wouldn't stick to the trees. We eventually made our way to the Plover picnic area to discover a beautiful San Francisco Bay vista, ample BBQ pits, a meandering green for lolling, and The Orchestra of the Natives of the Future -- aptly described as "an outrageous group percussion installation... dangerously fun."

We lolled, we BBQed, we drank and ate, we interpretively nature walked, we played and sang and beat on cool percussive things. And of course, we did the thing all WELLperns are renowned for... we talked, gabbed, laughed and generally thoroughly enjoyed ourselves.

Through the magic of Art (arto) Siegel's camera, we bring you...

The WELL Picnic, 1997 -- A Chronicle in Snapshots!

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Photos thanks to Art Siegel © 1997. Used by permission.