Philly Conference Pictures

The (philly) conference goes to the Down Home Diner and the Flower Show: March 6, 2000

Photos courtesy of <aud> ... who maybe will get her picture added here when <bubba> develops his film!

<viv> &

<bubba> & his
trusty Nikon

<bubba> &

& Mom

At the Down Home Diner in the Reading Terminal Market

what's that in
the orchids???

the bizarre
Lava Lamp garden

the azaleas <aud>
hopes to be planting

Someone snuck
a pic of <aud>!

gardens are
serious stuff!

someone with
too much time
on his hands



At the Philadelphia Flower Show

The (philly) conference goes to the Copa on South Street for the Jules Fest (and margaritas): April 6, 2000

(once again, photos courtesy of <aud> who still remains un-photo'd)

<jules> &

<sumarcus> &

Mitch, deadeye, sumarcus,
hbgbill & dexteriously

<jules> &

At the

<bubba> and his
blue truck

<jules> &

<bubba> &

& Rich