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well2008.pri is a private conference for people who join The WELL during 2008. It's an online virtual café where participants can relax and join open-ended discussions about anything and everything, with the fresh perspective only newcomers can bring to a conversation. Where the conversation goes is up to the conference members.

Hosted by: Andrew Lewin (draml), Fleur Helsingor (fhelsing)

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The WELL turns 23 this year! From our 20th birthday, there's an anniversary press release and has an article about the The WELL's history.

There's also a discussion about WELL history between WELL veterans Howard Rheingold, Cliff Figallo and friends in Inkwell.vue, where we meet with authors and artists to discuss their work.

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There are hundreds of conferences on The WELL. Here are some suggestions to help you get started:

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The list of categories of featured conferences ranges from arts to world affairs. And anything goes in all the independent conferences started by WELL members!

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