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 WIRED is the magazine of and for the Digital Generation: those who create 
 and use digital technology in ways that are radically reshaping our culture 
 and society. The merger of computing, communications, and media is 
 redefining our experience of information and each other, from the arts 
 to medicine, finance to feature films, and those of us who are involved 
 in it are making it up as we go along.

 WIRED is an above-ground consumer magazine about the emerging culture of 
 technology that strives to be honest, professional, believable, up-to-date, 
 and different.

 The WIRED conference is intended to help us accomplish our mission by 
 providing a tool for quick reality checks from its audience and its 
 contributors. To provide a forum for raising new issues and discovering 
 new perspectives. We want to hear from technology's utopians and 
 dystopians, and all those in between who are just trying to figure out 
 what the heck this all means and how it might change their lives. 

Hosted by: Steve Silberman (digaman), Adam Powell (rocket)

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