Saul Bellow once referred to “A tremendous Canada of light”. In that phrase he let “Canada” stand for a volume so vast it stretched the imagination. The Canada conference celebrates that expansiveness as it opens its borders to all and sundry. Canada is a good place to talk about distance, difference, distinctness and diversity. Also inclusion, global consciousness, Ameriphobia (sorry), politeness, and hockey. Just remember: you’re not in Kansas anymore. But you’re not far, either.

Hosted by: Paul Belserene (paulbel)

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Access the Statistics Canada DAILY / (Le Quotiden)

First issued on Feb. 1932. and ever since, the Daily is the first (official) release of statistical data and publications produced by Statistics Canada. It’s a free service, mandated by government legislation. You’ll get highlights of newly released data with source information for more detailed facts. It contains weekly and monthly schedules of upcoming major news releases and announces new non-print products and new services.In short, it’s already more than you ever wanted to know about a dazzling variety of stuff, from violent crime to popular culture to soybean exports.

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