Computers, Freedom and Privacy

The Computers, Freedom and Privacy Conference was founded in 1991 by
computer pioneer Jim Warren, for the purpose of assembling experts,
advocates and interested people from a broad spectrum of disciplines and
backgrounds in a balanced public forum to address the impact of computer
and telecommunications technologies on freedom and privacy in society.

The CFP conference is convened annually at sites around the U.S. and
participants include people from the fields of computer science, law,
business, research, information, library science, health, public policy,
government, law enforcement, public advocacy and many others.

The on-line version of the CFP conference, made possible by the generous
support of the Whole Earth ‘Lectronic Link (The WELL), was created to
provide a continuous forum for the discussion of CFP issues and also to
provide access to papers, transcripts and other information from the live
conferences. To check out this information, type “cmenu” at the “OK”
prompt in the CFP conference (g cfp).

Come join us at CFP!
Hosted by: Bruce R Koball (bkoball), Bruce Umbaugh (bumbaugh)

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