Crab Fest 2002

Crab Fest VII 
Sunday, March 3, 2002

peeps, who took all the other pics.

captward gears up for the feeding frenzy

(clockwise, from upper left) axon, pbs, aronan and frako gather in the kitchen, waiting for the rest of the guests to arrive so we can begin the feast.

Crab-loading begins


ellen and avirr

cynsa and wiggly

tpy and ode

The remains of the day

jenslobodin provides a sumptuous array of cheeses and fruit.

ellen slices the rosemary-infused pound cake she baked for the party.

rreiss approves of the rosemary cake

pbs and flash, looking charmingly quizzical

peoples brought Mellow Gold grapefruit to give away to all the party guests.
avirr is afraid to look at her party favors.

wellelp, jenslobodin are amused, oz seems nonplussed.

aronan and captward avert their eyes

pbs pours oz a little post-prandial champagne.

pbs, frako and ode

jloree and frako, ready to head home