Crab Fest 2010

The WELL Cooking Conference Annual Crab Fest 2010

photos by baker and peoples

On February 13, 2010, 17 crustacean-hungry humans descended on 60 pounds of crab. Bliss and contentment ensued.

This year’s crab came from the local Farmers’ Market, courtesy of Santa Rosa Seafood. At 9 a.m. these crab were scrabbling around vigorously in their holding tanks. At 9:30 they were cooked to perfection, and by 10:30 the crab-cleaning began.

The discarded crab backs pile up in a bowl in the sink.

The guests begin to arrive bearing wine, smiles and side dishes.
From left: oz, peoples, Janice (notw), aronon, margew

A gorgeous salad, courtesy of jloree

One of many loaves of homemade bread from ode’s kitchen

Time to eat!



A break before dessert:

Some of the guests go for a bike ride to the old cemetery

From left: arto, Bob (notw), gower, jloree (face obscured), frako

Believe it or not!
Bob (notw), frako, gower, and arto visit Robert Ripley’s grave

Time for dessert!

Desserts included brownie cupcakes slathered in a rich ganache, peach/strawberry gallette, persimmon/cranberry bars, and cheeses with peak-of-season pumelo, cara cara oranges, blood oranges and tangerines.

We move the party outdoors for dessert.
From left: margew (red shirt), kathbran, Mark (notw), baker, aronon, oz. (back of heads from left: jloree, ellen, ode, Janice [notw])

Mark and baker relax on the glider love seat.

The sun’s gone down, the party’s over…
From left: ellen, aronan, kathbran, peoples

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