Crab Fest 2011

Our 2011 crab feast — the 16th annual! — is held at the rustic old log cabin on the outskirts of Mill Valley, California where we’ve held several others in the past.

Want to see a video of the gathering? Here’s one now!


The main focus of the day’s gathering


Time to eat!


Cooking conference cohost Jessica insures nobody will eat her share of crab

Alan practices scorched-earth crab cracking

Getting serious about eating

The remains of gower’s gorgeous Asian-influenced salad

The obligatory “aftermath” shot of the table, post pig-out

David and baker

After eating, we step outside the cabin for some fresh air …

… and the last of the late afternoon sunshine

frako and jloree

There’s always room for cupcakes!

peony, Nef, Joan




cooljazz                                                              ellen                                                   flash


Front row: David (hunkered), kathbran, cooljazz, peoples
Middle row: Alan, oz, peony, Joan, wickett, ellen, gower
Top row: boyle, baker, ode, frako, Nef, flash

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