Crawdad Feast 2004

Crawfish 2004 

In June of 2004, a bunch of WELL folks, family and friends gathered just northeast of Sacramento at a shaded picnic spot alongside the banks of the American River. Everybody brought food and beverages to share at the potluck event, but our main focus was crawfish.

We cooked up fifty pounds of crawdads

Loading the lively mudbugs into the pot

Lowering the crawfish into the boiling water

Lets eat!
From left: Diana (Mrs. snitil), snitil, Mary Ellen, rose-vita, smash

mcb and the biggest, baddest crawfish of all

NOTW Janice

In addition to crawfish we had lots of grilled veggies

gorgeous summer fruit

and a killer fruit crisp

The American River flows right by the picnic site

As is our tradition, we return one crawfish to the river.

frako and peoples wade in the river

comet and Mrs. comet

Mr. Peoples

Leo (NOTW)

rose-vita’s mom Rosi, visiting from Austria


mm and her squeeze, Angus.

flash had to do something digital

Shauna went for a long bike ride and was thirsty when she returned.

frako took kathbran’s dog, Stella, for a walk.

axon played his guitar and sang some boss bosa nova
while snitil and mm looked on.


smash’s shirt is so bright he has to wear shades.



rose-vita, Mr. Peoples, Mary Ellen

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