Crawdad Feast 2005

Crawfish 2005

Sunday, June 26, 2005:
We returned to the picnic site alongside the American River east of Sacramento for the cooking conference’s fourth annual crawdad feed.

The setting is lovely, with plenty of shade and a light breeze off the river

axon and comet are in charge of cooking the ‘daddies

One crawdad won’t let go …

… so we take it down to the river to release it.

peoples lowers the crawdad into the water

Free at last!

It’s time to eat!


ode’s gorgeous focaccio

Silly mcb uses a grilled slice of portobello mushroom as a Zapata mustache

Silly David wants to have a race with Stella

What’s a picnic without watermelon?

After the feeding frenzy, we relax to the mellow sounds of axon’s guitar playing

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