Crawdad Feast 2007

The Cooking Conference presents: Crawfish 2007

Sunday, July 22, 2007: Crawfish feast beside the American River

The Golden Crawdad (OK, we know… It’s a lobster. Shut up!)

Angus and David set up the badminton net

flash, Jim, and axon ponder the joys of mudbugs

and we prepare to eat

We wake up our palates with bacon-wrapped, cream-cheese stuffed jalapenos

comet is a blur as he attacks the crawdads

Gorgeous salads

peoples is partial to beets

ode, mcb, and Tucson Jeanne chow down

aronan passes the poppers

flash, kara, and pguddemi

mm wants to know about dessert

We got pies, we got cake

We got scary-pink doughnuts

(doughnuts courtesy of jloree)


Relaxing after the feast!

Wild turkeys wander by our picnic site

frako lovin’ up static’s dog

The geeks watch a picnic video uploaded to youtube
Check it out! The Ritual Release of the Lucky Crawdad:

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