Oysters Eleven

The cooking conference’s eleventh annual Oyster Fest was held at Hearts Desire Beach on Tomales Bay, about 50 miles north of San Francisco. The weather in the morning looked a bit bleak, with heavy gray clouds dominating the sky, but by early afternoon the sun shone brightly.

Sheep grazing in the field on the drive out to Tomales Bay

Nearing the oyster growers …

The first hardy souls to arrive: Steve (NOTW), evan, julieswn, oz

Evan prepares to slurp the first oyster
(note the oyster liquor dripping out of the shell)

mcb, julieswn, frako, Steve (NOTW), Elvin (NOTW)

Gathering around the grill
Stacy (NOTW), needtono, mcb, karish, artlife, ode

Oysters on the grill

needtono, Stacy (NOTW), Elvin’s back (NOTW), artlife, cooljazz

Nef & Alan (NOTW), karish, gower

Alan’s hot pot dish, with glass noodles, carrots, oysters and more

Hanging out around the dessert table .


jayson snoozes …

cooljazz watches mcb preparing to have a bit of wine …

flash battles a recalcitrant oyster

chuck and Dawn (NOTW)

The feeding frenzy abates …

The Reading of The Sacred Text
ode, jayson, kathbran, evan, oz