Preheat coals

This is a variation on the beer-can-up-the-chicken-butt chicken. We used the vertical chicken roaster from Williams Sonoma.

We put white wine in the liquid thingie in the middle. If you were to recreate this, take a pop or beer can, with an old fashioned triangled
tipped can opener, make a bunch of cuts into the can. Empty and fill 3/4 with wine.

Brush chicken with olive oil. Put slices of garlic every where you can under the skin without making any fresh cuts in the skin.

Season chicken with S&P, herbs and spices. We used a rub mix that had fennel and other spices, plus poultry spice, plus a bit of smoky

But the chicken on the vertical roaster or on the can. Butt goes over the roaster thingie or can.

In the bottom of our webber BBQ we put the hot coals in an outer ring, with room in the middle for the roaster. No grill rack. If you are
using the grill rack, use the indirect heat method and put the chicken on it’s butt can in the middle.

Cover and cook for an hour

Check and add veggies in the pan around the chicken or on the grill. I used sweet onions brushed with evoo last week, this week added
eggplant and some Tennessee Cheese red peppers along with the onions. I’ll come back with a taste report in a few hours.

Put the lid back on and cook till veggies are done — about 30-45 minutes – and the chicken is done (use your fav test – clear juices,
temp, loose joints. Whatever lights your fire!)

Let rest for 10 minutes under foil. Carve. Don’t discard the skin. It is heavenly crisp, herby, ahh, so yummy. If you have any leftovers,
they make a sandwich sing.


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