Do you have more colors of Fimo than you have spices in the cabinet?

Does your car have a bumper sticker that says, “I brake for Crafts stores?”

Does the prospect of immersing yourself in a quilt project sound like a slice of heaven?

Does your budget include a category for buying rubber stamps?

If any of these applies to you and your current obsession, er, project, OR if you’ve just discovered your craft for the first time and need the right info to get it going, then make the crafts conference a preferred destination on The WELL.

We talk about toy-making, jewelry, paper, glass, clay, fabric art, miniatures, knots, leather, stencils, masks, where the sources are, and where to display your wares. If it’s related to crafts, there will be a topic for it. If you don’t find one that covers your current area of interest, come on by and start one!

Hosted by: Elizabeth Fox (crow)

Shortcut: go crafts