The Design Conference is really the Making Things Conference and is a place to discuss, announce, debate, question and explore making things.

Making things means everything from architecture to computer programming.

Using Things is an important part of the discussion. If there’s something that you use that could have been done better, be it a building or a can opener, this is a place to discuss that, too. Designers need to hear about what works, and what doesn’t. You don’t have to be a professional designer to join in.

If it involves building, drawing, planning, designing or physically making then the Design Conference is the place to discuss it. It’s about Access to Tools, and it’s about the Operating Manual for Spaceship Earth.

We have had discussion of Street Design, Game Design, Design of the Online Environment, How Buildings Learn (or Don’t Learn). We have even talked about making our own Laminates and have had the complete Diary of a Home Remodel evolve on-line.

Hosted by: J. Eric Townsend (jet), Jim Leftwich (jleft)

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