Links for Thinkers

The World Wide Web is an entity that makes possible the dissemination of unpopular or underfunded information. Drug information in the public sphere heretofore has been dominated by mass media with an interest in fanning the flames of fear on television and in the newspapers. More thoughtful discussion was marginalized. Places like the Well’s Drug conference sprung up as a refuge. Here are some other sites that come recommended by Well Drug conference habitues.


Heffter Research Institute

An effort to create a full time research facility devoted to impartial research on psychedelic substances.

Multidisciplinary Association for Psychedelic Studies

A membership organization that funds research efforts by medical professionals into the potential benefits of psychedelic substances.

Neuropharmacological Activism

Drug Reform Coordination Network

What it sounds like.

The Lindesmith Center

Think tank on drug policy issues.

Council on Spiritual Priorities

A non-profit transdenominational religious, scientific, and educational organization. The Council’s primary activity at this time is the Entheogen Project, an initiative to study and support legal spiritual applications of entheogenic plant and chemical substances.

Some additional policy links: