Welcome to the flying conference, one of the oldest conferences on The WELL. It was founded by WELL member flash gordon in June, 1987. In the most general terms, this conference deals with objects that generate lift and the people, places, and things associated with them. We will talk about aircraft (all kinds), balloons, kites, RC models, birds — and pilots and flight crew, passengers, aircraft designers, controllers, the FAA. We will talk about airports, about safety, about places to go and maybe people to see.
You don’t have to have any particular skill or experience to participate. Your interest is enough. Perhaps there’s a question you’ve always wanted to pose to an airline captain . . . maybe you want to talk about learning to fly . . . you can announce an RC get-together . . . talk about your latest trip . . . set a date to go fly a kite . . . inquire whether anybody ELSE saw a lawn chair at 17,000 ft. . . .

In this conference, the sky’s the limit. (Well, maybe the tropopause.)

Hosted by: Michael L. Gaylord (putterer)

Shortcut: go flying