Gay (Private)

Private Conference. Email the host for entry.

The private gay conference is a place to discuss matters of concern to gay
men, lesbian women, and bisexuals of whatever degree and gender.
Membership is open to all people regardless of their sexual orientation,
on the condition that they abide by the conference’s rules:

1. No homophobic remarks will be tolerated.

2. No personal attacks on other conference members will be tolerated.

3. Members must not repeat outside the conference anything they have read
within it. All postings are confidential and for the eyes of members

4. We discourage “lurking” (reading the postings of others without
contributing anything of your own) because it tends to damage the
feeling of privacy. We expect all new members to introduce themselves
in the “Introductions” topic, and ask that thereafter they try to post
something at least every once in a while.

For more information, or to inquire about membership in the private gay
conference, please email the host.

Hosted by: Temporary host (confteam)

Shortcut: go gay.pri