The public Gay Conference brings together people of all sexual
preferences to discuss issues of interest to gay, lesbian and bisexual
people. Many of the topics currently under discussion deal with
political/human rights issues; others focus more on what it’s like to be
who we are. Please feel free to start a new topic if you don’t see the
subject of your interest already under discussion. The hosts welcome
your feedback, so drop us a line in email if you have questions or
suggestions about the conference.

Because the subject matter of the Gay Conference can be sensitive in
nature, it is necessary for every participant to be especially aware of
the level of respect communicated in his/her postings here. Also, this
is a public conference, so if confidentiality is of concern to you,
please check our limited-access conference listings for gay.pri and
request admission from its host.

Hosted by: Debbie Gross (debbie), Maria Rosales (rosmar)

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