Independent Conferences

Independent Conferences are home to a wide array of conversation topics and of people. They are created and run by individual members of The WELL as they see fit, within the scope of The WELL Member Agreement. Some offer limited access for WELL members by invitation only. Most are open to all members of The WELL. Anyone with a Complete Plan membership may create new ones (as well as unlisted fully Private Conferences) at any time.

Hosts have the final say on entry to a limited-access conference. Their member lists are entirely up to them. For information about joining a limited-access Independent Conference, please click on the “request entry” link to email the conference host.

As described by its host
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(Limited Access)
Dedicated to contemporary art and communication technologyacen.ind
Grassroots citizen activism and organizationactivism.ind
Attention Deficit Disorderadd.ind
Autocrat of the Periodic Tablealdena.ind
Amnesty International bulletinsamnesty.ind
Animation lovers, this is the place to talk about it!animation.ind
Japanese animation and the obsessed folk who love themanime.ind
Artificial Intelligenceai.ind
The Anarchy Online MMORPG confao.ind
Architecture, landscape architecture and urban designarch.ind
Cabinetry of Lustarmoire.ind
Augmentation and roboticsaugbot.ind
Take off your shoes and come on inbarefoot.ind
A conference to coordinate and support efforts to help tsunami victimsbarnraise.ind
Bass players, acoustic and electricbass.ind
bOING bOING — hangout for happy mutants!bb.ind
The new computer operating system from Bebe.ind
Let's parler about this tiny country, or drift about the BENELUX and other countriesbelgium.ind
Honky-tonk, western swing, vintage country, roots musicbigballs.ind
Professional biologists and interested observers discuss the data of the daybiology.ind
If it's bugging you, bitch about it herebitch.ind
Sightings from parallel universesbl.ind
A repository for data about The WELLblair.ind
The BMUG (Berkeley Macintosh Users Group) conferencebmugsig.ind
Discussion of piercing, tattoos, and other forms of body artbodymods.ind
For people who like to read and discuss booksbookclub.ind
Booksellers and related professionals, online or otherwise (limited)booksell.indrequest entry
Brilliant ideas, crazy inventions, creative solutionsbrainstorm.ind
*BSD* *nixbsd.ind
Let's talk about Burning Manburningman.ind
Whatever involves the whole state gets special attention herecalifornia.ind
Where summer camp and camping in general are discussed
Support conference for persons with cancer or caregivers (limited)cancer.indrequest entry
The modern music review of digital audio softwarecd.ind
All about chesschess.ind
the city of chicagochicago.ind
More is never enough!chocolate.ind
Food — you gotta love it!chow.ind
Sometimes a cigar is just a cigar ... cigar.ind
Independent classifiedsclass.ind
City of Heroes discussioncoh.ind
A place to discuss all types of comedic performancecomedy.ind
Discussion of the state bird of Minnesota (limited)commonloon.indrequest entry
Virtual Community Leaders (limited)community.indrequest entry
Discussion on how computers are covered by print and broadcast mediacpj.ind
End of the Cretaceouscretaceous.ind
Crime and detection, in real-life and in the mediacrimescene.ind
Got questions? Maybe CTHULHU is the answer!cthulhu.ind
A place to share and discuss first-hand experiences of other culturescultures.ind
Dark Age of Camelot playersdaoc.ind
Conference for the discussion of relational databases (RDBMs)db.ind
For endless cheese pants discussions on a variety of subjectsdebenham.ind
Improving democracy and reducing apathydemocracy.ind
Freewheeling, friendly zone for discussion of sexuality, eroticism, and kinkdesire.ind
Erotica, sex talk
(alternate conference name for desire.ind) 
Diabetes/ics (limited)diabetes.indrequest entry
Contra Costa, Calif / Diablo Valley reg ional conferencediablo.ind
Digital doodles — no trees killed — experimental cartoon projectdig.ind
Artists, musicians and writers working in digital arts mediadigitart.ind
The idea behind the event, the philosophy of the personaldiscussion.ind
Decluttering, Getting Things Done, and otherwise getting organizeddoingstuff.ind
Software development using the .NET frameworkdotnet.ind
A place to record, discuss, and interpret your dreamsdreams.ind
Economy and ecology. Money theory and history.
For folks on the financial edge. Privacy-protected. (limited)edge.indrequest entry
New indie from parts of the original house music conferenceelectronic.ind
A place to discuss manners and ask questions regarding The Proper Thing To Doetiquette.ind
The place to discuss European politics, culture, and the European experienceeurope.ind
All about the CCP Science Fiction MMOG Eve Onlineeve.ind
For players of Everquesteverquest.ind
Expatriates — strangers in a strange landexpat.ind
for discussion of the social networking site facebook.comfacebook.ind
The outlands of literature: SF, fantasy, speculative fictionfant.ind
A place to discuss the pros and cons of firearmsfirearms.ind
Two men enter, one man leavesflame.ind
About flickrflickr.ind
A conference about fotolog.netfotolog.ind
ANYTHING goes. NO neurotic hosting, no bans, no scribbles ... freefire.ind
Kellie's fun stuff, come visit!fun.ind
A place to discuss the latest in consumer electronics and gadgetrygadgets.ind
A place to discuss game design and developmentgamedev.ind
A discussion and tape forum for the Grateful Dead's 1974 showsgd74.ind
Tips and talk about genealogy researchgenealogy.ind
Under construction (limited)geo.indrequest entry
Land, sea, air, and distribution of life on the planetgeography.ind
A discussion of all things Germangerman.ind
Sassy place to discuss disability, get help, wail, crack jokesgimp.ind
All about golfgolf.ind
Come and talk, vent, laugh, stress, scream, and inquiregradschool.ind
Express gratitude and discuss the conceptgratitude.ind
Guild-only discussions among the Everquest guild on The WELL (limited)guild.indrequest entry
Amateur radio on The WELL!hamradio.ind
Everyone has one. This is mine. (limited)hell.indrequest entry
The Stampede meets The WELL: for fans of Donna the Buffaloherd.ind
Do they matter? Are they meaningless?hits.ind
A place for stack developers, users, and other things Hypercardesquehypercard.ind
The opinion conferenceimo.ind
Understanding interactions: communication, conflict, and balancein.ind
Of things Irish/Celticirish.ind
Women training for the Danskin Triathlon (limited)irongirls.indrequest entry
Discussion about Islam with the writers of New Civilisationislam.ind
Israel beyond the conflictisrael.ind
access limited to attorneys admitted to the bar (limited)juris.indrequest entry
an independent conference for anyone with an interest in kidskid.ind
Got rock?krakhaus.ind
Say it loud! I'm left-handed and proud!leftout.ind
Discussions of libertarian ideas and solutionsliberty.ind
A place to tell tall taleslies.ind
Lists, catalogs, directories, indices, inventories, rosters, plans, rolls, logs, bibliographies, and scheduleslists.ind
The lost generationlost.ind
Discussion of low-carb eatinglowcarb.ind
If you have to ask ... lubejob.ind
Kill your enemies. Kill your friends. The game of Mafia.mafiascum.ind
Pamphlets, periodicals, and publicationsmagazines.ind
Hey, you Einsteins! Let's talk math.math.ind
The Myers/Briggs Type Indicatormbti.ind
Stuff I find interestingmemetic.ind
Metal working: welding, forging, cutting, etc.metal.ind
There's a man at the door. Says his name is Tepoztecatl.mexico.ind
Central Coast (Monterey, Seaside, and Salinas bashing at its best)midcoast.ind
Sound and music production, MIDI, audio and more!midi.ind
Mobile computing: laptops, PDAs, remote access and the likemobile.ind
Distributing tapes and discussion of the band moemoe.ind
All about money: financial planning, tax questions, best bank-vault
Monkey business, etc.monkey.ind
F1 to IRL, Champ Cars to WRC, MotoGP to A1GP, it's all here!motorsport.ind
MP3: what's new, what's hot, what's notmp3.ind
Discussion of the Mumia Abu-Jamal casemumia.ind
Everything about networking you never wanted to knownetworking.ind
A place to discuss modern, now, a-go-go musicnewmusic.ind
News around the nation and around the worldnews.ind
This is the most pointless conference on The WELLnihil.ind
A place for aspiring novelists to playnovelistas.ind
all about nutritionnutrition.ind
Discussion of movies from the silents thru the '50soldmovies.ind
A place to discuss Open Source software and the OSS communityopensource.ind
A place to discuss the optical fieldoptical.ind
Watchtower conference looking outward over the netorthanc.ind
A conference for user and technical information about OS/2os2.ind
A place to talk about that magical land called Ozoz.ind
Conference for pagan and neo-pagan chatter and discussionpagan.ind
Personal safety, security, and privacyparanoia.ind
About paranormal experiences, thoughts, ideas, questionsparanormal.ind
Free-falling women (limited)parker.indrequest entry
All about the perl programming languageperl.ind
Discussion of rap music and hip-hop culturephat.ind
The evil twin of Tips. Or its better half.pits.ind
Podcasts: this is the place to discuss your favorites. podcast.ind
Poker, America's card gamepoker.ind
Real-world etiquette, politeness, and getting along with otherspolite.ind
Discussion of non-monogamous sexual and personal relationships (limited)polyamory.indrequest entry
For pond owners and lovers to compare notes and share informationpond.ind
You are a fuck monster (limited)porkhole.indrequest entry
From art to culture to philosophy, everything postmodernpostmodern.ind
Planet of ... THE APES! on The WELLpota.ind
Conference for the support of user-contributed softwarepublic.ind
Quotes! Of all kinds ...quotes.ind
A conference to discuss (limited)qvote.indrequest entry
The readers circle (limited)readers.indrequest entry
A place to talk about things as they happen. A speedy conf!realtime.ind
Conversation with atheists, agnostics, and those with structured religious beliefs.religion.ind
A discussion group to talk about retirement from planning to execution and everything in between.retirement.ind
Laid off? Unemployed? Squander your free time here.roadkill.ind
Pleasant. Tea, roses, mystery.rosehips.ind
The peculiarities and pleasures of "country life."rural.ind
Sacramento and the surrounding valleysacto.ind
A place for people named SARAH and its cognates (limited)sarah.indrequest entry
A home for those born from 10/23 - 11/23scorpio.ind
Like to play Scrabble? Word freak? Want to learn?scrabble.ind
Try not to be so shy (limited)scrivener.indrequest entry
Let's go down! All about SCUBA diving, snorkeling, and so on.scuba.ind
Security: computer, network and other, with a touch of freedomsecurity.ind
sexuality discussion, debate, news (limited)sexuality.indrequest entry
Samples of my SF writing, Harry Claude Cat's Toon Show, etc. (limited)silly.indrequest entry
Discussion of ska musicska.ind
Life in the Big Cityslicker.ind
For people who smokesmokers.ind
The art of creating and managing the ultimate small businesssolo.ind
A whole lot that's red hot (limited)sonoran.indrequest entry
A place to discuss anything in Spanish, or anything about the language and the people who speak itspanish.ind
g spot: it's not hard to find if you know what you're looking for (limited)spot.indrequest entry
To support and experience the online activities of Sacred Sites International(limited)ssi.indrequest entry
The world of startup companiesstartup.ind
For stepmoms, stepdads and trans step-parents (limited)steppies.indrequest entry
Talk about stuff. You know, things. Products. Be a consumer!stuff.ind
A conference with a seasonal ulist (limited)summer.indrequest entry
The joint for swaggerin', swingin', and stylin', my friendswank.ind
Star Wars Galaxies, by Sony Online Entertainment/LucasArtsswg.ind
System Administrators and other IT support folk.sys.ind
An independent conference for Table Talkerstabletalk.ind
Texas related topics!texas.ind
A place to go to get help getting "thinned" down — weight loss (limited)th.indrequest entry
All thrash, all the timethrash.ind
Discussion of time management and other time issuestime.ind
What if I placed the call from a payphone?tinfoil.ind
A collection of links to current topics of interesttopicsoup.ind
All things Star Trektrek.ind
for users of the microblogging platform twittertwitter.ind
Write it. Post it. Write more. (limited)typomatic.indrequest entry
UFORUM — a conference devoted to UFOlogy, and related topicsuforum.ind
You are reading (or have read) Joyce's Ulyssesulysses.ind
A supportive place for discussion of issues that affect minority peoplesunity.ind
All about Visual Basic programmingvb.ind
Discussions and support of vegetarian livingveggie.ind
A gathering place for military veterans, families, and friendsveterans.ind
Volley, the secondvolley2.ind
The WELL Data Link: a batch access program for Windowswdl.ind
Everybody loves to talk about the weather!weather.ind
Technical discussions of WWW serverswebservers.ind
goodston's very own conferenceweecottage.ind
Discussion of weight lifting and bodybuildingweights.ind
weird.ind (limited)weird.indrequest entry
For the ultra-cool people who joined in the noted year 1994 (limited)well1994.indrequest entry
For newcomers to The WELL in 2006!well2006.ind
The WELL Head Centralwellheads.ind
Our own private corner of Hellwellhell.ind
A conference to talk about, learn and love WINE!wine.ind
The name says it all ... (limited)witch.indrequest entry
Confidential discussion of work issues (limited)work.indrequest entry
Discussion of United States and world events (limited)world.indrequest entry
World of Warcraft MMORPGwow.ind
freedom! (limited)wowind.indrequest entry
Discussion of successful ways writers have landed assignmentswritersmkt.ind
XML — eXtensible Markup Languagexml.ind
An experimental conference that lasts for one year (limited)y2k2.indrequest entry
Discussion about Yahoo!yahoo.ind
A conference that will last for exactly one yearyear.ind