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“Bix Archer: Small Town at the Edge of Cyberspace”    starting April 4, 2022

San Francisco artist Bix Archer discusses her work, focusing on her recent exhibit “A Small Town at the Edge of Cyberspace“, which explores the metaphors early internet users in the Bay Area deployed to describe their experiences of the web. “When the internet as we know it was first taking shape, the hippies and hackers who logged on needed language to describe this new entity they were navigating. It was a wilderness, a vehicle, a bulletin board, a community, a cafe, a letter on the kitchen table. It was their real world, the world of the Bay Area, but also not. The Bay seeped into the space. And this internet spilled out from behind the screen and worked its way back into the landscape and the people.

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“Savage Journey: Hunter S. Thompson and the Weird Road to Gonzo”    starting March 17, 2022

Peter Richardson discusses his book Savage Journey: Hunter S. Thompson and the Weird Road to Gonzo, a study of Hunter Thompson’s literary formation and achievement. “Richardson successfully captures Thompson’s lasting impact, positing him as the intellectual face of Rolling Stone and a thinker who anticipated Donald Trump’s politics.” – Publisher’s Weekly

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December 7 – 21, 2021

Bad Motherfucker: The Life and Movies of Samuel L. Jackson

Author Gavin Edwards visits for a two-week discussion of his latest book, “ Bad Motherfucker: The Life and Movies of Samuel L. Jackson, the Coolest Man in Hollywood.”  “A fascinating exploration and celebration of the life and work of the coolest man in Hollywood, Samuel L. Jackson—from his star-making turns in the films of Spike Lee and Quentin Tarantino to his ubiquitous roles in the Star Wars and Marvel franchises, not to mention the cult favorite Snakes on a Plane.”

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The Colonel’s Brother began September 11, 2021

Join us for an Inkwell discussion with author Stephanie Vale, the pen name of a longtime WELL member, <vard>, focusing on The Colonel’s Brother, a novel inspired by the work of Jane Austen, especially PRIDE AND PREJUDICE.

A semi-retired attorney and part-time university instructor in the US Pacific Northwest, Ms. Vale has loved Jane Austen for more than 40 years, and has been reading and enjoying Austenesque fiction since 2008. This is her first book.

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