Over the long haul, stocks are one of the best investments anyone can make. There are many ways to invest, from mutual funds to options. Some people chose to rely on their brokers while others are part of the hardy band of independent individual investors. Quite often individual investors do better than the less nimble institutions or expensive investment advisors.

Many individual investors now trade online through discount brokers. These brokers may provide a wealth of research on individual stocks and the market, but they do not provide advice or a place to discuss investment ideas. Thus many independent individual investors are left in a vacuum with few people to talk to. The investment conference hopes to fill at least part of this void.

We’ve had a just-for-fun market timing contest in the investment conference every year since 2002 where we enter our predictions (bullish or bearish) for the coming month. To keep the conversation going, we’ve had a ‘stock market crash’ topic every year since 1994. Come and join us!

Hosted by: Autumn Storhaug (autumn), Celia Chapman (lark)

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