How to participate in Inkwell.vue

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Become a subscriber to The WELL and you can post directly. To do this, join us.

Email the Inkwell.vue Hosts:

If you prefer not to join, you may also submit a question or comment to inkwell at well dot com. No registration is required for email participation, at the conference hosts’ discretion. Your email will be posted into the conversation, and unless you arrange otherwise, your email address will be included. Be sure to note what interview you are reading, since there are often several active discussions in Inkwell.vue at any given time.

Authors with books to discuss may contact the Inkwell.vue hosts. Authors who are already WELL members have some priority in booking once the book is accepted, but some guest experts and artists also participate.

If you have a help question, technical feedback, or a business question for The WELL staff, please contact The WELL Help Desk at helpdesk at well dot com.

How to read a WELL Posting:

How to read a well post

If you are a WELL member (long-standing or new!) with a recently published or republished non-fiction book to discuss, contact the Inkwell.vue hosts at inkwell at well dot com to propose a visit for the exploration of your book and interests here in the Inkwell.