Men on The Well (Private)

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The WELL is an open community. But there are some things that are better
shared only among those of one’s gender. That’s why there have been two
conferences set up, Men on The WELL (MOW) and Women on The WELL (WOW), to
encourage candid and sensitive exchange among gendermates. Once you have
been admitted to MOW, you are pledged not to reveal its contents to
persons who are not part of the MOW ritual clan. This is our sweathouse,
where we as men can be as honest and direct as we need to be. You may not
download the contents of this conference for display nor should you permit
others to read over your shoulder or otherwise invade the sanctity of our

Subjects discussed in MOW include relationships we’ve had with parents,
wives, lovers, and others; cars; sex; anger; strip joints; sports;
feminism; and scratching the scrotum. It’s a good place to talk in
Hosted by: Scott Ashkenaz (smash)

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