The Movies conference is a place to discuss and rhapsodize on that most 20th century artform, the motion picture.

The regulars in the Movie conference are never shy with their opinions, and veer from lighthearted critiques of the latest Disney cartoon to in-depth analysis of the latest Peter Greenaway film (and vice versa). In addition, the Movies conference offers you the chance to guess the grosses on the summer popcorn flicks, get a jump on handicapping next year’s Oscar race, and complain about how Hollywood has ruined your favorite childhood book.

Associated with the Movies conference are the Video and Video Vault conferences, which contain years of accumulated wisdom from the Movies conference — they’re the place to find something to rent, or to decide whether or not it’s worth staying up until 4 AM to catch ‘Smithereens’ on Bravo (hint: it is).

For movies that have recently been released on video, try the Video conference
For pre-2001 films gone to video, try the Video Vault conference.

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Hosted by: Bradburn Young (bradburn), Jaime Wolf (um)

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