Screenwriting is a conference devoted to the art and craft of the feature film screenplay. It is open and welcome to those already working within the film industry, to those tapping away at their very first script, and to everyone else in between.

Screenwriting is many things to many people. It is a virtual office space for writers, with discussions on all the practical tips and information necessary to write a salable script. It is a virtual seminar space, with in-depth topics on the artistry and literary skills that go into writing a great script. And it is also a screenwriter’s virtual hang-out on Sunset Boulevard, with all the camaraderie, laughter, vented frustrations, and skuttlebutt to rejuvenate, excite, and inspire.

In sum, if you love movies, and you love writing, and you want to learn, grow, and spend time with others who do, the Screenwriting conference is probably for you.

Hosted by: Wagner James Au (wjamesau)

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