Sustainability, Energy, and Ecology

Sustainability is inextricably linked with energy usage. With peak oil and peak gas either upon us, past, or nearing, depending on who you talk to, with wars being fought over energy and with the consumption of energy being one of the major differences between the First and Third worlds, the coming decades are going to be defined by energy policy.

We think humans are going to make it or break it in the next twenty years or so and energy will be both the anvil and the hammer. Several of the defining elements of our world will revolve around the transmission grid, distributed generation, whether or not we move towards nuclear and coal or we move into renewables.

As with all such massive upheavals the societal changes will follow. Nuclear seems more suited to a more regimented and controlled society while renewables and distributed generation seem to be better suited for a more decentralized, more relaxed style of culture.

Will the lights stay on? Stay tuned. Tell us your story.

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