Spiritual Seekers

Many of of us have arrived at a common spiritual consensus in spite of our
different backgrounds. It includes the feeling that we humans are not the
only evolved consciousnesses on the planet — or perhaps I should say “we
mammals.” And that there’s something spiritually significant about the
telecom dimension where we all meet.

Do you have a burning question that requires an answer from the other
realms? “Shady,” The WELL’s online friendly spirit, offers advice in the
Spirituality Conference via a cut-up dictionary. Does the planet Mars
contain artificial structures? Are mushrooms extraterrestrial life forms?
Do we chose our parents? What about psychic powers and channels? All
these subjects, as well as inner voices, trance states, the human body’s
“chakras” and theology in a digital world are ongoing. Drop by and lend
your thoughts to the mix.

A sample comment by our own Howard Rheingold regarding precognition: “If
we are temporally close to a point of singularity in human / planetary
history / evolution, then maybe we can feel some kind of presently
unexplainable ‘fore-echo.'”

Hosted by:  Mitsuharu Hadeishi (mitsu)

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