WELL Virtual March Madness Pool

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Welcome to the 23nd Annual WELL Virtual March Madness Pool!

Match your college basketball savvy against our other fine contestants. Bragging rights are at stake! The affliction known as “March Madness” is upon us, and all members of the WELL Sports Conference are invited to display their “A” game in selecting the winners in this year’s NCAA Men’s Collegiate Basketball Tournament.

To help measure your progress, we have a robot users, called “perfect”. “Perfect” shows the results for someone who has picked every game right so far. (Don’t worry, his score don’t count!)

We have other pages (check the links at the top of the page that explain the rules of the contest, a page showing the current results of the tournament, and of course the standings showing how each player is doing. Each entry on the standings page has a link to how that player made his picks and got his current score.

That’s it. Make your picks in sports.1513, and be sure to boast about your prognosticative prowess as your teams make good.

Mike Walsh
RJ Johnson