The WELL Photo Gallery

This page was created in celebration of The WELL’s tenth birthday, in 1995. The black and white photos used to reside in the “trophy case” in The WELL’s main office. All photos are copyright by the photographer, unless otherwise stated. Please contact if you wish to reprint any for a study or article, and we can put you in touch with the photographers. The page design, file naming and alt tags were all created the inimitable Cynsa Bonorris, who along with Anna Couey conceived of the WELL Tales project and page as a birthday present to the WELL community.

Many of these were taken in early years by staff members.

This first set of photos were taken by Matisse Enzer (matisse), while he was the WELL support manager. 

Mr. Maurice Weitman (mo) as general manager.

Party with Howard Rheingold (hlr), in front, Jon McIntire (jonmc),
David Gault (dgault), David Dunning (dlee)

Gail Ann Williams (gail)
relaxes in The WELL offfice in 1991

Highway Cleanup day Near Mt. Tamalpais

John Coate is seated on the left,
Cliff Figallo standing.

Fig looks skeptical while while Tex demonstrates
the usefulness of booter’s modem bread-rack.
Elaine Richards (booter) found it on Haight Street.

These photos taken by John Coate (tex) 


The First Chili Cook-off draws WELLfolks from all over. (August of ’91)

Ramon (rabar): play an accordion, go to jail.

Casino Night!
(wheezer) and (danlevy) try for some pokeybux.

WELL beach party

David Hawkins, (dhawk) cozies up to the ol’ VAX, last seen on Liberty Dock, somewhere…

WELL Office Party: Hanging out.

Maurice (mo) and Howard (hlr) demonstrate the sekrit WELL handshake

Jon Carroll (jrc), who along with co-hosts Darlis Wood (darlis) and Carla Campbell (campbell) founded the notorious Potato conference (g spud).

Howard Rheingold (hlr), Phil Catalfo (philcat) and Robert Rossney (rbr)










Here are links to a few more large black and white photos, shot by John Coate, (tex). 

Cliff Figallo untangling the innards of the old Vax

At the WELL Picnic 

Darlis, Booter and Elliot.

David Gans addresses the folks at FigFest – the goodbye dinner for Cliff Figallo.


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